Thank you for your interest in neighborhood safety. Here are three ways you can help right now:

  1. JOIN! Become a Participant or Block Captain in our Neighborhood Watch, and report all suspicious behavior to Atlanta Police Department (APD). Scroll down this page to join the Poncey-Highland Neighborhood Watch.

  2. PARTICIPATE! Come to PHNA community events designed to strengthen our Neighborhood Watch, such as neighborhood meetings, socials, and beautification projects.

  3. GET ALERTS! Sign up for Nextdoor and our Facebook Neighborhood Watch Group to get crime alerts and updates. Become a PHNA member to receive Neighborhood Watch event notifications and newsletters.

Neighborhood Watch Resources

Neighborhood Watch Documents

The Poncey-Highland
Neighborhood Watch:

A Neighborhood Watch is a community and police crime prevention partnership, where residents living on the same street agree to look out for one another and report suspicious activity. The more our neighborhood residents communicate and interact, the stronger our Neighborhood Watch becomes.

Please see map and listings below for available streets and current Captains.


  1. Captained by Chris Tilley - Somerset, from Ponce to North

  2. CAPTAIN NEEDED – Bonaventure/Angier , from North to Dead End

  3. CAPTAIN NEEDED – North, from Beltline to Freedom Pkwy

  4. Captained by Beth McDonald – Bonaventure, from Ponce to North

  5. Captained by Mary Fox and Nick Pastore – Belgrade/Woodall, from Freedom Pkwy to Dead End

  6. Captained by John Moores - Ralph McGill, from Freedom Pkwy to Beltline

  7. CAPTAIN NEEDED – Barnett, from Ponce to Dead End

  8. Captained by Renae Veira - Linwood, from Ponce to North

  9. Captained by E.L. Taylor – Linwood, from North to Williams Mill

  10. Captained by Chad Moody – Ralph McGill, from North to Linwood

  11. Captained by Dennis Langfeldt - Blue Ridge, from Linwood to N. Highland

  12. Captained by Cathi Barlow – North, from Freedom Pkwy to Moreland

  13. Captained by Chad Estes – Williams Mill / Cleburne

  14. CAPTAIN NEEDED - Cleburne Terr., from Blue Ridge to North

  15. Captained by Angela Carbon –  N. Highland, from Blue Ridge to North

  16. Captained by Nash Tehrani – North, from Freedom Pkwy to Beltline

  17. Captained by Steve Cushing - Seminole, from Ponce to North Ave.

  18. CAPTAIN NEEDED – Blue Ridge, from N. Highland to Moreland

  19. CAPTAIN NEEDED – Moreland, from Ponce to Freedom Pkwy

  20. Captained by Tanya Bond- Seminole, from North Ave. to Freedom Pkwy

  21. CAPTAIN NEEDED – Ponce, from North Highland to Beltline