PHNA Neighborhood Meeting Notes - April 24th, 2019

Report from Zone 6 Officer

  • Current major for Zone 6 is transferring.

  • Be aware of people asking to use your phone and then accessing your cash apps. Do not allow other people to use your phone.

  • Another common scam is people calling and asking you to purchase gift cards.

  • With warm weather, people are looking for opportunities to break into cars. Do not leave items visible in your car.'

Land use item from Lisa Malaney, head of Land Use committee

  • Lisa introduced special use permit application U19008 from Atlanta Dental Spa to add paid parking to their site during non-business hours (8 spots).

  • Tim from Park Place presented on behalf of business.

  • Floor was opened for Q&A.

  • Enforcement will be via application—checking license plate numbers against cars and ticketing infractions.

  • Land Use and Board voted unanimously to support application.

  • ●  Lisa made a motion to vote on issue.

  • Motion passed 48 to 3

. Trees Atlanta report from Greg Levine

  • Planning commission has been working on urban ecology framework.

  • Trees Atlanta has received reports on concerns about tree loss in nearby

    neighborhoods, including Virginia-Highland, as single-family homes are removed to put in larger homes. Have not yet seen this as a widespread problem in Poncey-Highland.

  • 80 trees over 10 inches have come down from Poncey-Highland in last 5 years due to construction, storms, permitted and non-permitted pruning, etc.

  • City hopes to have draft of tree ordinance by August.

  • Three points that nonprofits are backing: Plant more trees, buy more forested land, change ordinance to protect more trees.

  • Greg encourages neighbors to get involved with protecting tree canopy. Has a form people can sign to support three points.

  • Floor was opened for Q&A.

Poncey Highland Master Plan Report and Update

  •  Jim M. recapped history of 2010 Poncey Highland Master Plan and progress to date.

  •  Keyetta Holmes and Doug Young from City of Atlanta’s Office of City Planning discussed

    their goal of managing the look and feel of neighborhoods alongside zoning.

  • Hope to kick off zoning code rewrites this summer. Will be a three-year process from start to adoption by City Council.

    • Poncey-Highland board is looking to review the Master Plan and figure out next steps.

  • Vision has not changed, but tools available to carry out the plan have changed.

  • ●  Association would like to create a working group to review the Master Plan and

    how to codify land use and design elements.

  • ●  Working group will focus on previous efforts and options in May and June and

    have ongoing conversations afterward.

Beth McDonald