PHNA Neighborhood Meeting Notes - February 20th, 2019

Discussion with Capt. Antonio Clay and Lt. Bighorn related to safety issues for Zone 6

Amir Farokhi, our city council member for District 2 took questions related to Poncey Highland and resident concerns

  • ● Discussed TSPLOST funding reallocation due to tax collection shortfalls

  • ● Topics included scooters, street repairs and sidewalk/road safety issues, Google Fiber alternatives

  • ● Amir discussed legislative initiatives he plans to support including pay increases for police officers, participatory budgeting trials (allowing residents to vote on how some tax dollars are spent), and using opportunity zones to encourage affordable housing.

  • ● Residents were encouraged to email city council members to support causes they believe in, with the booting ban being given as an example. Emails are used as an indicator of resident interest/support for initiatives.

Presentation from Jenna, Stephanie, Mercedes on the Beltline Farmer’s Market starting up for the year on April 9th.

Historic District updates

NPU approved the designation. ZRB voted the week before the meeting and it was approved unanimously. Goes to the Mayor’s office next.

  • ●  Discussion of whether residents want to explore historic district for other parts of the neighborhood and what that would mean.

Beth McDonald