PHNA Neighborhood Meeting Notes - August 21st, 2019

Report from Zone 6 Officer

  • Please secure vehicles and turn vehicles off! Remove all items, not just valuables.

  • ATL 311 is a good way to report potholes and other street issues

  • Scooters - the city is working on new rules in light of recent accidents.

Update from Jay Tribbey, Amir Farokhi’s chief of staff

  • Amir introduced legislation to support compostable silverware at all city venues

A resident asked about RenewAtlanta work and new signs on BlueRidge about construction

  • Contract has been bid out and should start in the near future

  • Sidewalk repair, ADA ramps, restriping - Blue Ridge, Seminole, etc..

Land Use Items - presented by Lisa Malaney, Chair of Land Use and Planning committee

  • Poncey Highland Cafe - 640 Highland Cafe

    • Requesting liquor license to support the cafe’s dinner program

    • Menus were shared with cocktail program and shareable platters

    • Hours will be open to 10 or so during the week and midnight on the weekend.

    • Motion to approve liquor license approved 36-0, 0 abstentions.

Fundraising/Membership Committee

  • Tanya Hamburger and Keith Pepper have volunteered to help lead this effort.

  • Next year we are looking to celebrate 100 years of Poncey Highland as a neighborhood

    and to get neighbors engaged

  • Working on planning 4 tentpole events - examples might include membership drive, tour

    of homes, Lantern Parade, restaurant week

  • More information to come!

Poncey-Highland Master Plan Working Group Update

  • Lisa went over the history of the neighborhood which starts in the late 1800s - much of

    this timeline is on the updated website at

  • One of the working group members went over the detailed neighborhood inventory that

    was done by the working group in a series of 6 meetings (3-4 hrs each) and a walking survey

    •  No “pure” style buildings but the neighborhood has bungalows and other older buildings from the 1920s

    • Multifamily buildings that look like detached houses in addition to traditional multifamily buildings like Morningside

  •  Working group recommendations

    •  Based on 2 months of reviewing the 2010 master plan, walking survey, and

      discussions with consultant and city officials

    •  The 2010 master plan mostly got things right in terms of recommendations for

      growth and development in the neighborhood

    • The committee recommends that the neighborhood partner with the city to

      explore a regulatory tool build on the concept of historic districts with custom zoning based on geographic subareas

    • For example, residential at the Beltline or near Ralph McGill may differ from the core neighborhood subarea east of Freedom Parkway.

  • Next steps

    •  Beth McDonald and Doug Young from Atlanta’s Urban Design Commission

      discussed the current Historic Preservation Ordinance and the process that would involve community outreach and input through meetings scheduled and posted on

    •  Doug and Beth McDonald answered questions from neighborhood members about this effort.

  • Upcoming Dates

    •  Poncey Highland community meeting September 5th at Church at Ponce and

      Highland; future meetings posted on the PHNA website.

    •  Peachy Clean scheduled for October 12th

Beth McDonald