PHNA Neighborhood Meeting Notes - July 17th, 2019

Report from Zone 6 Officer, Sgt. Jones

  • ATL+ is enforcing parking restrictions in some private and “No parking” zones with

    increased retail like behind Briarcliff Plaza. They interact with ATL Police often.

  • Reminder tips for larceny especially from autos

    • Remember to keep your car clean! Especially be careful leaving about leaving large items like suitcases visible.

    • Don’t let anyone you don’t know use your phone!

  •  You can make a complaint against an officer at the City of Atlanta if you are dissatisfied

    with service or interactions with them.

  • Attendee Q: Are there laws about permanent trash cans in certain neighborhood


    • APD can see if a compliance officer can check into this.

  • Q: What’s the status of scooter enforcement?

    • It should be enforced but there’s a learning/enforcement curve..

Beth McDonald - Presentation of Land Use Items

  • Scott Wilkins, Bazati

    • Request for liquor license modification to add a wine specialty shop separate from wines sold in the restaurant

    • Supplements larger Beltine-facing space with other shops for customers while they wait for restaurants.

    • Motion to approve change in liquor license approved 9-0, 0 abstentions.

  • Carey Falcone - New Realm brewery

    • Request for liquor license modification for microdistillery on-site

    • New Realm can only serve alcohol brewed on site because they are a brewery,

      not a brewpub (like Wrecking Bar)

    •  Looking to distill vodka, gin, and whiskey on a small scale starting around


■ No bottle sales or shots

  • 100 square feet or so within existing space; no increase in infrastructure

  • Motion to approve change in liquor license approved 9-0, 0 abstentions.

● Q&A about parking for New Realm from attendee

○ From valet info: 25% park, 75% seem to get there without parking

Kayt from PCM Farmer’s Market

  • Shared some vouchers with attendees and that the market is 4-8 PM on Tuesdays.

  • Lots of events upcoming - you can sign up for the newsletter at

  • - You can email with questions or comments

from Zone 6 Officer, Sgt. Jones

Upcoming Important Dates

  • July 31st - Planned Meeting Date for Working Group on Neighborhood Planning (later

    rescheduled to August neighborhood meeting)

  • October 12 - Peachy Clean Poncey

    Miscellaneous business

● Attendees expressed a renewed interest in neighborhood t-shirts and other items

Beth McDonald